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We discus La Jetée, which as “cool slideshow” and jumping off point is pretty great. But specifically why and how this was an influence for this far better known screenplay and film. 

There’s a lot of remarkable things about this movie, lots of classic Terry Gilliam signature stylistic things. Deeply entertaining. Incredible character work from both Brad Pitt (especially) and Bruce Willis as well. Both had something to prove and they chose to do it in one of the weirdest movies possible and it was a huge hit.

Fantastic because of that, but fantastic as well because no matter how many times you see it, you get so deeply invested in the characters that you think it is going to turn out differently somehow. Just like James Cole. That is a suspension of disbelief that a lot of movies aspire to and never pull off.

Is Terry Gilliam is a time traveler who saw the Sixth Sense and then raced back in time to 1995 to make a movie where Bruce Willis says “all I see are dead people…” and has been dead the whole time. He’s even named Cole?

With a filmography like Terry Gilliam, that means 12 Monkeys exists in a world with BRAZIL, so it is hard to call it his best. but it is UP There.
As an apocalypse movie, the apocalypse is omnipresent and incidental which is very cool as well.