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Still fresh in theaters and not even done with its theatrical roll out, the Movie Night Extravaganza crew are joined by KT Baldassaro to talk about the brand new Yorgos Lanthimos anthology (ahem, in fact, triptych fable technically as critics keep stating) “Kinds of Kindness”

Kinds of Kindness is an anthology in three parts: the Death of RMF, RMF is Flying, and RMF eats a sandwich that features Oscar Winner Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe and many others all playing multiple roles.

Is it weird? Yeah, it’s probably weird. Let’s get into it!

Kinds of Kindness, stars Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, Margaret Qualley, Willem Dafoe, Mamoudou Athie, Hong Chau. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. #kindsofkindness #poorthings #emmastone #yorgoslanthimos #thefavourite #anthology #willemdafoe #margaretqualley

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