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“I am not putting me donkey outside when I’m sad, okay?”
Fecking Forrest MillerConan NeutronJ. Andrew World, and Kristina Oakes talk with Jacobin film critic and FilmSuck Host Eileen Jones about Martin McDonagh‘s The Banshees of Inisherin

A simple concept, executed well. This is an absolutely wonderful depiction of adult male friendship, legacy, loneliness, isolation, the NEED for solicitude, legacy and the company you keep. The premise is hilarious simple, but the execution manages to be both devastating and frequently hilariously. How very Irish!

Regrouping the In Bruges dream team of McDonagh, Farrell and Gleeson, this film is one of the great surprises of the year. A fantastic treat for cinema lovers. Two lifelong friends on a remote island off of Ireland have a friendship that ended, initiated by one, unable to accepted by the other. Melancholic is overused as a descriptor for film, but it is present here along with a strange affable sweetness and charm. Well acted all around and with amazing cinematography, this is dry, dark humor at top dollar best.

A fantastic thoughtful, affecting and sadly poignant view about the complicated nature of adult friendship ever with wonderful writing and direction. Quality animal acting in this one too!

“Well there goes that dream.”

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