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Does drinking help you podcast? Let’s find out together as Forrest MillerConan NeutronJ. Andrew World, and Kristina Oakes talk about ANOTHER ROUND with Matthew “Film Guy”.

High minded social experiment or middle aged mediocrity hall pass? #whynotbothgif
Alcoholism is no joke, we have lost people to it. But this movie has some very funny moments. Some very poignant ones too. Four high school teachers test a theory that by being a little buzzed they will be better at what they do. It’s very easy to look at this as a simple morality tale, however one can argue that the temporary annihilation of self can unlock greatness. That, by temporarily bypassing the ego, the conduits to something more can be accessed. Those that argue for this like to bring up examples like Churchill (in the movie!) or Bukowski, while forgetting the names of the countless others it didn’t work for. There is always a human cost.

Sweet but unsentimental, serious without being morose, and funny as hell without being cheap.

This movie shows that without being preachy about it. It doesn’t try to retread Virginia WoolfBarflyAnimal HouseSideways or any other movie you can think of.
Impeccably acted, well scripted and directed. This is a quality film, with an ending that has one foot in the ecstatic and the other in the delightful bliss of oblivion.

The many gifs of Mads in this are totally deserved of their own sub fame and we hope more people see this excellent film that they are from. Oh, and the American remake will likely be horrible.

“To alcohol… the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems!”