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“Some people aren’t built happy, you know.”

Forrest Miller, Conan Neutron, J. Andrew World, and chief Greta Gerwig correspondent Lauren Choinard speak about the impressive and enchanting Lady Bird, one of the best films in 2017 and certainly the best one largely taking place in Sacramento, California

The whole ensemble is amazing, but Laurie Metcalf especially was robbed for best supporting actress, radiating the resting pain, worry, low grade incessant critiques and wiry concern of the working poor. Saoirse Ronan Is wonderful in the titular role, summing up the whole late high school experience and it’s rich pantheon of emotion all over the place.

Coming of age stories are common, one done this well, and with such depth and heart are rare. Greta Gerwig’s direction is top notch here, creating possibly the best film ever set in Sacramento, CA.

Ah, to be young and pretentious in 2003!

Smoking cloves, driving around listening to Alanis Morisette before school, telling off an annoying Anti-Abortion speaker during an assembly, asking “do you know how many civilians have been killed in Iraq so far???” when you get caught lying about being a virgin.

Does a great job of showing both the mediocre miseries and minor miracles of being around that age. Good art entertains you. Great art teaches you something new about yourself.

With Gerwig’s incredible Barbie breaking box office records, it is always a great time to talk about her fantastic debut.