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“You let things happen to you. Do you think that makes you innocent?”

While it’s still in theaters, ForrestConan Neutron, and J. Andrew World are joined by Kt Baldassaro to discuss Ari Aster‘s newest film Beau is Afraid. Seriously, we all watched it like the week it came out, and liked it too.

We delve into anxiety of this film, the humor, and insanity. The intrusive thoughts and how every single one you’ve ever had is the first act of the film. If the main goal of this movie is to make you feel insanely anxious the entire time. and it definitely succeeded at that. Bottled anxiety for at least an hour and a half, including some of the greatest caricatures of urban danger outside of a Republican campaign ad.

Who is this movie for?

Introspection taken to Kafka-esque absurdity.

We speculate on what the missing hour that Ari Aster cut from the film, as it is plenty long already. We explain why Lifeforce is great and ask what Paul Schrader, the director of Mishima, thoughts were seeing his vision on crack. Also, ask if Beau was a joke to be an incel and an inversion and continuation of the Joker.

What is Beauing? We define it by constantly Beauing Andy.

And boy is Beau’s dad a giant dick.