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“Hi Barbie!” We finally tackled BarbenHeimer, yes both Barbie and Oppenheimer episodes

First, the very hilarious Barbie Movie, with chief Greta Gerwig correspondent Lauren Chouinard (who also joined us for Lady Bird) with Kristina in full cosplay… you don’t want to miss this one. Forrest MillerConan NeutronJ. Andrew World are also there and are Kenough.

This film rides such an impossible balance beam with technicolor bombast and social commentary. The fact that this movie not only exists but is THIS good is not just a miracle, but it is a testament to how great and unique of a director Gerwig is. It cannot and should not be copied or imitated, although it definitely will.

It’s silly, shiny, and way funnier than a movie about a child’s doll has a right to be.

It is interesting how something this breezy seeming and enjoyable can not just be packed with so many critiques of things like patriarchy and consumerism and such. Also, just how funny it is and doing so! Even if some of the #GirlBoss stuff can be a little eye rolling for the cynical amongst us. If this film was just the preachy polemicism that some say it is, it’d be miserable. This is anything but! In fact, at every point when it has the opportunity to really dig in the blade, the choice is made to be fantastical or funny.

Gosling, who we were mostly skeptical of for some reason is absolutely fantastic and Margot Robbie might be the best possible person to be Barbie.
It is truly insane this movie exists, it is doubly insane that it is this good, and we can attest that it is just as good, if not better, on rewatch.

Charmingly joyful. Both caustic and heartwarming somehow, also very quotable.
“Yeah, because actually my job, it’s just Beach.”
“To be honest, when I found out the patriarchy wasn’t just about horses, I lost interest.”
“Do you guys ever think about dying?”
“I was arrested for tax evasion, but that’s another movie.”