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ForrestConan Neutron, and J. Andrew World are joined by The Night Shift host Renee Ruin. to discuss the modern classic Buffalo 66.

We look deep into American Football, how Vincent Gallo is striking, but also what makes him problematic. We delve deep in the Mise-en-scène of the film, the process, the effect and how that affects the end product. An unconventional absolute masterclass of mood, dream logic and vibe. At first glance this film centers one of the most unlikable protagonists in modern film history, then you get context and eventually a road to redemption through a woman he kidnaps?!?  

Gallo’s usage of Reversal film as well as extra attention to lighting and blocking gives this a unique “out of time” feel. Crudely sophisticated, this film is more or less a deconstruction of toxic masculinity. Whether that is intentional or not,

We discuss how Christina Ricci was done dirty by Gallo and the press while giving a rich performance. We talk about how hard it is to pee in Buffalo and Forrest dead names Rocky a lot as we start Gooning up other films.