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“Open the pod bay doors… Spuds.”
That’s right, to close out both Movie Night Automata *AND* the year, we have none other than co-founder of DEVO: Gerald V. Casale returning to talk to us about one of the most well regarded and influential films of all time! 2001: A Space Odyssey
Forrest MillerConan NeutronJ. Andrew World, and Kristina Oakes are also joined by (new LB user!) Rayyvana of twitch and The Young Turks, whose first watch of the film was for the show! As Kubrick intended, on a cracked iphone.

A cinematic achievement almost more imposing and influential than the monoliths within. The high water mark to which space epics should be measured against, and one of the finest examples of dreaming about humanity’s path.

THE most influential science-fiction film of all times (see: InterstellarAd AstraSunshineStar Trek: The Motion Picture, and a rite of passage for various types of conscious altering substances for multiple generations. (HEAVY, MAN!) Precise cinematic perfection, regimented and controlled, this film is considered amongst the very best for a number of reasons. The visual effects from FIFTY FIVE YEARS AGO, still look unique and interesting and immerse without distraction. Often doing so with wordless abstraction and endlessly eye dazzling color. A classical music score that seems as inexorable as it is perfect contrasted with long dialogue less sections. Amazing.

The emotional rollercoaster that you take with a diabolical AI villain whose literally just a red all seeing dot who turns a ship into a slasher film, guys in ape suits beating each other to death, and the most intense series of desktop screensavers but IN 1968???

Speaking of that red dot:
HAL 9000 has to be one of the most compelling figures in cinematic history as well and STILL a strange cautionary tale in our modern world of Artificial Intelligence. The fact that we feel empathy for an artificial intelligence as its consciousness slowly slips away, and it regresses to a child like state is astounding. 

We talk about what 2001: A Space Odyssey for Gen Z might look like, and GvC. gives his quick thoughts on Kubrick vs. Nolan. As a bonus, Jerry tells us all about the never made David Lynch movie Ronnie Rocket (post: Eraserhead!) which would have had DEVO doing the soundtrack.

Also make sure to check out the new 4D video for the LOUNGE Version of Pay U Back with Josh Freese (Devo, Foo Fighters) and Steve Bartek (of Oingo Boingo)

Be it Arthur C. Clarke or Jack Kirby adaptations, we all agree that the film leaving much to the imagination is a great thing. 

Plus: Jerry’s new music video!!!!