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Three days before Halloween Kills comes out it’s only fitting that we discuss it (chronologically it makes sense too.) John Carpenter didn’t set out to start the slasher boom… or to make an iconic horror film that would define his career forever. He had $300,000, an absolutely brilliant girlfriend and production partner Debra Hill… some incredibly creative friends… Daughter-of-Psycho-Star Janet Leigh Jamie Lee Curtis and a William Shatner mask. However, an endless slew of sequels, copies, and rip-offs have completely misunderstood what John Carpenter and Debra Hill wanted to say. Criticism of the slasher genre states that it’s misogynistic, puritanical, and moralistic. A 2018 remake completely discarded all of the sequels and got back to the roots. Showing the trauma and pain Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has gone through for the last 40 years as Michael Myers returns. We break it all down!!