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Conan Neutron, Karthik Purushothaman, and Marina Dove talk to Forrest and J. Andrew World about the film “Paris, Texas” (1984) and Dean Stockwell.

(Robert) Dean Stockwell passed away on November 7th at the age of 85.

Starting as a child actor in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Dean Stockwell acted for 70+ years racking up 204 acting credits and working regularly with some of the most innovative directors of New Hollywood including David Lynch, Francis Ford Coppola, and Robert Altman.

As an adult, Stockwell was a “character actor” and often in supporting roles due to his unique features. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Tonight, we will be talking about Paris, Texas by German Director Wim Wenders which allowed two prolific “character actors”: Harry Dean Stanton and Dean Stockwell to take center stage as brothers named Travis and Walt who reunite after four years. Travis (Stanton) disappeared and after being found in a West Texas hospital Walt (Stockwell) rescues him and tries to bring him back from the wilderness.