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Forrest, J. Andrew World, and Conan Neutron talk about All About Eve and Bette Davis with Marina Dove

Very good depiction of Dissociative Identity Disorder and handled with more tact than you think. One of the first! Joanne Woodward is simply amazing in this as a woman with split personalities. It is extraordinary how non-exploitive this film is, while still characterizing everything from the Uber patriarchal 1950s society. It definitely has that sort of clunky semi-documentary feel that came out of films like The Naked City that can be too clinical for the movies, but too dramatic for a documentary.

Lee J. Cob’s character finds out more about Eve Black/Eve White slowly, and well timed musical cues and excellent acting by Woodward keeps this interesting as you see her change into very different kind of women, David Wayne’s Ralph White (the husband) is alternately dense, useless and annoying but the film overall is worth a watch.

Also, why Castle Rock is the best show you’ve never seen.