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We Multiversin’
Forrest, Conan Neutron, and J. Andrew World talk about the Daniels new MultiVerse masterpiece “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” with Kristina Oakes and Renee Ruin!

Credit where credit is due, your friends at Movie Night Extravaganza were behind this lil’ film early on, and we have the receipts.

A deeply dark comedy that also manages to be the most inventive sci-fi and adventure movie in years. Propulsive, adventurous, absurd, hilarious, and possessing deep emotional stakes, this movie manages to a half dozen things incredibly well and weave them together with a deft and ease that is breathlessly exciting.A genuinely insane movie. A beautiful meditation on reality, family, love, and relationships shot through unlimited universes. 

What seems like chaos gives us cumulative anti-trauma, hope and emotional growth with actual stakes. We don’t get films this creative, original and bold at this level. This is a rare treat, and should be treated as such and celebrated. In the opinion of the show, the Academy got it right. And luckily, nobody needed to riot because it won

Stop sharing Morbius memes and celebrate it when something this wild, unique and fantastic happens. Big swings.