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Barbenheimer Part 2: Oppenheimer

We already covered Barbie. Now it is Chris Nolan’s turn.

First off, this one is actual representation for physics enthusiasts, and certainly the most Chris Nolan of Chris Nolan films. So often physics is depicted as scientists in labcoats “doing a science” usually with math on a whiteboard or blackboard. Some of the most interesting parts of physics to me have very little to do with math, and that is something this movie gets across well. Great to see actual quantum mechanics broken down in a way that an open minded viewer might actually grab the possibility of the concepts. 

Visually stunning. Probably Christopher Nolan’s most Christopher Nolan spectacle yet. It’s got three timelines going at once, symbolic visuals abound, constant scientific visualization of characters emotional states. It is hard to use spectacle to convey tragedy. We expect action, we want heroes, there are no heroes here… and I think some of the truly cataclysmic implications of what happened due to both Trinity and Hiroshima/Nagasaki get swept up in that.

There is nuance here, also: dudes rock. A shocking amount. Of A-list character actor work, which we loved and a really good character study of a complicated person that has been reduced to a sentence. This will get all the nominations and awards, and that is justified.

Oh last thing, Robert Downey Jr,’s arc as Lewis Strauss is not just awesome, but depicts the great resting insecurity of the autodidact and self-made man in a world of lifetime career professionals. Constantly plagued with imposter complex and a certain degree of paranoia about not being respected or accepted. Collecting slights like baseball cards. Just tragic.

Oh yeah and Forrest definitely read American Prometheus, you can tell. 🙂